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Proximo™ Starter Kit
Part No : K39565EU

Every 3.5 seconds, a mobile phone is lost or stolen. When you consider the threat to your sensitive data, your downtime and the cost of recovering your phone, you’ll understand exactly why we developed Proximo™. Proximo is an App-enabled proximity monitoring system that lets you know where your iPhone, keys and valuables are at all times. With Proximo, you’ll never have to worry again about leaving your iPhone and valuables behind. That’s because Proximo helps you Keep, Track and Get Back your iPhone and valuables.


Wireless technology: Bluetooth® 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart
Replaceable Battery: Model: CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery
iOS Compatibility: iPhone 4S: iOS 5 / iOS 6 or later; iPhone 5: iOS 6 or later
Inside: Proximo Fob & Tag, 2 Coin Batteries, 1 Key-Ring, 1 Miniature Screw Driver
Last Seen provides you with pin-drop on map to help you recover your items
Up to 6-month battery life on FOB & TAG for low maintenance
Personalize your FOB and TAG with customizable alarm tones, images and names
Robust and ultra-slim 8mm FOB and TAG design
Monitor the battery life of all your TAGs and FOBs from your iPhone
Compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S

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